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P.E. credentials and professional duty

When is the correct time to have P.E. after your name?

Dressing for engineering success

I believe that what you think of yourself—and your pride in your profession—is reflected in how you choose to dress.

Likely causes of corporate unethical behavior

According to a global survey commissioned by the American Management Association, business objectives and deadlines are the leading factors most likely to cause unethical corporate behavior.

Special inspection, inspection, and structural observation

The terms special inspection, inspection, and structural observation constitute three areas of quality control. Often, confusion exists as to a structural engineer's responsibility within these three areas.

Technical Focus: The practice of special inspections

Building code provisions for special inspections require comprehensive inspection and testing of a building’s structural elements, as well as some designated, non-structural building systems during construction.

Tile arch construction; explained

Feedback article sheds further light on archaic floor system and how to deal with it today.

Section 1609.4.3 Exposure D

This "Code Simple" will attempt to clarify the determination of Exposure Category D.

How to study for and pass the SE Exam

Second of a two-part series In this article, the authors discuss the format, requirements, benefits, and challenges of the new, two-day, 16-hour-long licensing exam for...

LEED professional credentials: To renew or not to renew?

The deadline for LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) to enroll in the new Green Building Certification Institute's (GBCI) credential maintenance program is fast approaching, beginning...

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