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Design and writing services available! Our design and writing team will work with you to achieve your advertising goals within our magazine. 

The world is changing, and so are we!

Here at Civil + Structural Engineer Media, we’re passionate about being the best source of news and information for the engineering and construction professions. While we started as two separate print publications many years ago, we’ve since moved into the digital age and combined the great content our readers love into one supercharged digital magazine and high profile website that generates an average of 80,000 visitors a month!  In early 2019, we made a name change to reflect our multi-platform presence and strengths. Historically, Civil + Structural Engineer magazine has been the pillar of our success, whilst our website, weekly e-newsletters and webinars have played a supporting role to it. As we approach 2020, we’ve seen a gradual shift in our readers consumption of news with their heightened interest in direct email blasts, online continuing education opportunities and daily website visits. According to a 2019 report, “84% of all engineering content consumption is now digital”.  The decision to add MEDIA to our brand was non-disputable. We no longer identify as just a publication, but rather a multi-platform resource to the AEC space. We are a comprehensive MEDIA outlet. We are Civil + Structural Engineer Media.

Our newly designed website reflects the topics that our readers are most engaged in through channels, aka topic focused mini sites. Secure your sponsorship of 1 of 15 channels to make an instant and effective connection with the target audience you care most to engage with. Also returning in 2020 is our ever popular and reader favorite, the Civil + Structural Engineer Media weekly e-newsletter! Advertisers can take full advantage of the high delivery open rate with a unique service we offer, the e-newsletter takeovers. Going once, going twice, these sell out FAST. These are only a few examples of advertiser services that we have added to our menu in 2020. You can continue to depend on Civil + Structural Engineer Media to deliver your advertising needs with our Webinar Series, our industry popular digital publication and our website’s international reach.

Let us help you elevate the engineering industry!





140,000 Monthly Pageviews
40,000 eNews Subscribers
45,000 Digital Magazine Subscribers
25,000 Facebook Page Likes
2,600 Twitter Followers
600 Instagram Followers


Design and writing services available! Our design and writing team will work with you to achieve your advertising goals within our magazine. 

Acceptable files are JPG, GIF, or animated GIF. All images must be web-ready at a resolution of 72 dpi.

Send Materials to Anna Finley

eNews Advertorial Spec SheetHomepage Site Sponsor Templates


All ads must be the exact size as the dimensions listed. No bleed or trim marks.

A high-resolution, print-ready PDF with the fonts embedded is the first preference.

All Ads must be at a resolution of 300 dpi.

Send Materials to Anna Finley

Design Services Available

Full Page and Back Cover Spec Sheet Quarter Page Spec Sheet

New and improved interactive and digital format! Trackable ROI and accurate metrics. 


One of the best lead generator services that Civil + Structural Engineer Media offers is our webinar series, averaging 400 registrants per event! Engineering professionals view these to enhance their knowledge on projects and products, as well as to fulfill their professional development hours (PDH) or continuing education units (CEU) each year in order to maintain and renew their P.E. License. C+S is a certified AIA Continuing Education provider which allows us to recognize your attendees PDH & CEU’s, allowing you more time to focus on the development and deployment of the webinar content.

Civil + Structural Engineer Media  will execute all of the marketing and promotions to encourage maximum attendance. We will create the advertising materials and distribute the promotions to our audience. Our promotions will begin four weeks before the scheduled live webcast date; however, the planning and preparation will start earlier. Our editorial team will guide you and your speakers on content direction to develop a high quality educational presentation. You will be provided with a clear and defined training schedule (due dates for remaining materials, scheduled training and run-throughs, etc.) for planning purposes.

Elements of a webcast:

  • 60-minute educational presentation including:
    • Q&A session
    • Two to three presenters and bios
    • Poll questions
    • Handouts
    • Branding on console and in the PPT
    • Back-end support
  • Registration page
  • AIA guideline approval
  • 3 email blasts promoting the live event
  • Full page color ad in magazine
  • Banner on website
  • E-news banner ads
  • Confirmation, Reminder, and Follow-up emails
  • Certificate of Completion for the live event
  • Archive located at for one year after the event
  • Follow-up Q&A posted online with the archive
  • Automated quiz and certificate of completion for the archived event
  • Full attendee/lead reports

What we need from you:

  • Marketing materials (images, videos, product shots, text, etc.)
  • Corporate logo
  • Presentation title and description
  • Speaker contact information and headshots
  • PowerPoint presentation (using our Webcast Series template)
  • Quiz questions and answer key
  • Poll questions (if applicable)
  • Presentation images and videos

Civil + Structural Engineer will execute marketing and promotions for the webcast to encourage maximum attendance. We will create the “call-to-action” advertising materials and distribute the promotions to our audience. Our promotions will begin four weeks before the scheduled live webcast date; however, the planning and preparation will start earlier. Your branding appears on the promotions, during the live event, and in the archived webcast.

What to expect from us:

  • One full-page ad in Civil + Structural Engineer Media
  • Email blasts sent to a targeted list from our database of more than 40,000 individuals – two total
  • Banners on website and eNewsletter
  • Promotion on our social media channels
  • Full attendee/lead reports post event
  • Confirmation email to registrants
  • 24-hour reminder email to registrants
  • 2-hour reminder email to registrants
  • Certificate of Completion for attendees
  • AIA guideline approval
  • Back-end support
  • Evergreen archive of webinar and quiz
  • Monthly reports of those who took the quiz


– Erosion & Sediment Control on Linear Utility Projects (Partnered with IECA) had 746 registrants
– Overcome Anchor Design Challenges with PROFIS Engineering Suite (Partnered with Hilti) had 470 registrants
– Protect Soil Slopes & Walls with GEOWEB 3D Soil Confinement (Partnered with Presto Geosystems) had 400 registrants

*find these and more at

Webcast Spec Sheet


Become an E-newsletter Sponsor and achieve 100% SOV!

Our sales team put our heads together to come up with a clever plan for our advertisers to capture a very targeted list of prospects through our already existing database. What we came up with next was almost too good to be true. The results have been nothing short of impressive and client satisfaction has been exciting.

The process begins with your banner ads appearing on our C+S enewsletter, this will be the first of two. You will own 100% of the ad space. Our C+S formatting will otherwise stay the same.

The ads you will receive on E-newsletter #1 are:

  • Leaderboard
  • Advertorial
  • Advertorial Image
  • Medium Rectangle
  • Video block

One week after sending E-newsletter #1, we will deploy E-newsletter #2 to a list that was generated of engaged readers from E-newsletter #1. Engaged = those who clicked on any of the above ads/advertorials.

E-newsletter #2 will be 100% your content. The formatting will be what is typical of a dedicated email blast; an event announcement, an ebook download, a product push, etc.

A week after E-newsletter #2 has been sent, we will provide you with a complete list of those who opened the email.

The process we developed weeds out the uninterested parties, leaving a thorough list of interested and qualified leads.

“Being able to get in front of our target audience for multiple touch points via the C+S eNewsletter Takeover was one of our most valuable advertising choices of 2019. Not only did it allow us multiple impressions with an engaged audience, but it enabled us to grow our own list. 48% of the contacts we received from this opportunity opted in to Redi-Rock’s mailing list!”

– Allison Vroman, Aster Brands


Elevate your brand by becoming a thought leader in the industry topic that makes most sense to you! We’ve customized and created 18 Channels for our readers in an effort for them to find what really interests them, eliminating the ‘clutter’ they may not deem as personally important. Take advantage of these targeted audience impressions and become a channel sponsor today!

Channels organize content from the following topics across our entire network.

  • Environmental + Sustainability
  • Structures + Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Water + Stormwater
  • Project Delivery
  • Business News
  • Geotechnical
  • Geospatial
  • Software + Technology
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Land Development
  • Residential
  • Surveying
  • Building Materials
  • Continuing Education
  • Safety
  • Data + Publications
  • Products + Specifications

Sponsorship includes:

  • Your logo linked to your page in first position of sidebar
  • Global website banners 
  • Exclusive sidebar content on category page and all posts within that primary category.
  • Social media shares
  • Name of company appears at top of page in the channel section of the digital magazine with link.
  • 1-2 page lead article in channel section of digital magazine.
  • Exclusive “Featured Post” content on channel site.


We serve those who literally create the built world around us, making it essential for us to educate and promote inventive technologies that help the AEC industry evolve and thrive! Civil + Structural Engineer Media knows that drones and unmanned systems are absolutely an incredible tool for the work that is being created between the collaboration of the Engineering and UAV industries.

This is why we created the Engineering Drone Video of the Year Award!

And this is the third year of this already prestigious award!


• Over 18,000 votes in the contest

• 145% increase in web traffic year to year

• 76,016 contest page views

• 60 videos entered in 2019 contest


GOLD SPONSORSHIP $20,000 – 2 Available

• 2 basic registrations to the 2020 AEC Elevate Conference

• Branding on all marketing materials. “The 2020 EDVY brought to you by (Sponsor Name)”

• 6 marketing emails sent out over the course of the contest

• Leaderboard banner ad on 6 of C+S’s weekly newsletters

• Complete list of leads of all contest voters and video submissions

• Option to give contest winner a prize

• 6 dedicated email blasts of 100% sponsor content in 2020, to email subscriber list of 45,000

• Full page ad in C+S magazine for 12 months

Valued at $40,000


SILVER SPONSORSHIP $10,000 – 2 Available

• Branding on all marketing materials

• 6 marketing emails sent out over the course of the contest

• Option to give contest winner a prize

• Complete list of leads of all contest voters and video submissions

• Dedicated email blasts of 100% sponsor content in 2020

• 4 dedicated email blasts of 100% sponsor content in 2020, to email subscriber list of 45,000

• Full page ad in C+S magazine for 6 months

Valued at $25,000


BRONZE SPONSORSHIP $2,500 – 4 Available

• Branding on all marketing material

• Complete list of leads of all contest voters and video submissions

• 6 marketing emails sent out over the course of the contest

• Full page ad in C+S magazine for 3 months

Valued at $15,000



Zweig Group’s flagship training program encompassing all aspects of managing a professional AEC service firm. It’s the most impactful two days you can spend learning about principal leadership, financial management, recruiting, marketing, business development, and project management.


The CEO Roundtable Retreat is designed to be comfortable and intimate. We want you to leave the experience armed with new ideas, new tools, new friends… All in the service of helping you become a more effective leader of a more successful company.


The Successful Successor roundtable is an exclusive event for incoming strategic leaders of firms and newly-minted strategic leaders of these firms. The purpose of this seminar is to discuss the highest-level issues facing newcomers to the c-suite and to individuals who are preparing to take on a high level management role in today’s AEC firm.


Specifically developed to provide design and technical professionals with the skills to become more competent leaders. This course helps attendees develop and re-affirm the leadership skills, strategies, and techniques that will help them grow personally and professionally.


The first real marketing course for AEC firms. Designed to bring clarity and distinction between marketing and sales (Business Development), this course will aid all levels of staff to understand how to market the firm and build the brand in their respective roles. The one-day seminar covers several major areas AEC leaders need to know about firm marketing from the unique perspective of architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms and is presented in tutorial and case study workshop sessions.


A workshop designed to drive more business and increase profitability for AEC firms. Offering a comprehensive approach to business development — from strategy through execution and based on creating, maintaining and growing mutually productive client relationships.


Providing a clear understanding on the fundamentals of financial management. Sharing the best practices and applications to achieve profitability and success for AEC Firms. This course helps attendees become better stewards of the company’s resources and to better understand how to leverage resources and maximize profit.


Covering the critical focus areas every AEC Industry project manager should be familiar with and is presented in lecture, tutorial, and case study workshop sessions. Attendees will leave armed with a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, skills, and techniques successful project managers must have to flourish in their role.






The Zweig Group Elevate AEC Conference is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive business conference for leaders and aspiring leaders of AEC firms in the US. The conference agenda includes topics on technology, leadership challenges, business planning, marketing methods, recruiting and retention, and growth strategies. The success stories of Zweig Group award winners are shared at the event, along with a variety of speakers from a range of industries, all guaranteed to challenge and inspire you to achieve even greater success. Attendees are exposed to the strategies and tactics that have led to the extraordinary success of conference award-winners across all categories of marketing, culture, and business growth. In addition to the unique opportunity to glean from the industry’s best, attendees are introduced to new resources, tools, suppliers, and vendors that can transform and stimulate growth in profitability and client satisfaction.

Being a sponsor of the Elevate AEC Conference offers exclusivity and opportunity. Our event designers are intentional in creating a tremendously positive environment of success and performance. Attendees are largely decision makers and C-level officers of the most successful companies in the AEC industry. These companies are investing in their growth and are open to new ideas for creating higher levels of performance.

For more info visit




White papers are reports that can address a business issue, showcase a product, or outline a competitive situation. Longer than a blog post, but shorter than an e-Book, research indicates buyers prefer shorter white papers.

4 Reasons to create a white paper:

  • Sharing technical knowledge
  • Generating publicity
  • Distributing business information
  • Attracting prospects

Needed for Whitepaper/Case Study hosting:

• Logo in .png or .eps format

• Title of white paper/case study

• Sentence or two as description of document

• White paper/case study in .pdf format OR link to document on your site.

• Any other pictures you would like on the landing site. This usually includes a picture from the document itself. This white paper is a good example.


Do you need research?

Zweig Group’s full research team is available for any project our advertisers and sponsors need.  We do original research on buyers, specifiers, customers and product or service users. 

Talk with our Director of Sales for more information. 


Do you need your webinars to stand out?

Do you need to market a recent project?

Zweig Group is pleased to be able to o er custom video for our clients! Nothing catches the eye more than moving pictures! Standing out and attracting attention is the name of the game. Custom videos increase engagement with your brand by making an immediate personal connection between you and your audience. In-house use of video for education and informational purposes is also important. Stay on the cutting edge with professional production that can come TO YOU!

  • Branded videos about your company
  • Videos for your website and social media
  • High-quality produced educational webinars
  • Portfolio reels
  • Video interviews
  • Special announcements
  • Project completion highlight
  • New project announcement

Anything at all that requires video and audio production to help you achieve your goals, we can help! From beginning with pre-production planning and following all the way through with a final, stellar professional product.

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