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New Methods for Ponding Analysis of Open Web Steel Joist Roofs

New Methods for Ponding Analysis of Open Web Steel Joist Roofs

This webinar will review roof ponding requirements in the SJI 2015 Specifications, IBC 2015, ASCE 7-16, the International Plumbing Code (2015), FM Global and the AISC 2016 Specification. The recently improved SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool will also be discussed. This tool assists the engineer in selecting the most economical joist bay configuration and now also determines the stability of the bay for roof ponding. The ponding analysis method implemented in the tool, in which loads are computed based on the deformed shape of the roof, are introduced and compared to traditional methods of assessment defined within the AISC Specification. Several analysis examples of roofs constructed with joists and Joist Girders will be presented. The presentation also includes photographs of roof failures with discussion as to why the collapses occurred.

Learning Objectives of Webinar

  • The roof ponding requirements within ASCE 7, IBC, and FM Global.
  • The limitations of the method of ponding analysis given in Appendix 2 of the AISC Specification.
  • The stability of simple roof systems for ponding using the SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool.
  • The main factors influencing the ponding stability of open-web steel joist roofs.

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