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TOPODRONE-AGROWING collaboration aims at advancing drone thermal mapping

TOPODRONE-AGROWING collaboration aims at advancing drone thermal mapping

Montreux, Switzerland – TOPODRONE, a Swiss based designer and manufacturer of high-precision surveying equipment, recently completed its R&D and released a new drone thermal mapping solution. TOPODRONE PT61 camera can perform detailed surveys and deliver thermal orthomosaic maps obtaining accurate 3D models.

The new photogrammetry solution was initially developed in collaboration with AGROWING upon a request of a large enterprise client from North America and later on has been adjusted to a wider use of drone surveyors. It is a camera with 61 MP resolution and built-in thermal imager, and RGB lenses with different focal lengths, built-in GNSS module and IMU, as well as API for integration with any UAV. The combination of the PT61 camera with AGROWING’s multispectral lenses enables TOPODRONE to provide the camera as a dual-purpose RGB/Multispectral solution. Using the PT61 camera with AGROWING’s Quad lens, the camera provides 10 multispectral bands of 12 MP resolution each along with the IR band.

‘This year we observe an increased demand from surveyors for solutions related to renewable energy. Combining thermal and LiDAR data can definitely provide deeper insights, in particular, in solar plant inspections and dam management’, Iliya Shikov, TOPODRONE CTO, explains.

‘AGROWING has been partnering with TOPODRONE for a few years together providing cutting edge photogrammetry technologies. We welcome TOPODRONE’s new thermal mapping solution, moving a significant step forward in the race to provide valuable data-driven insights into urban mapping, energy efficiency and disaster response’, Ira Dvir,  AGROWING CEO, adds.

TOPODRONE Post Processing software has been upgraded to optimize remote sensing efficiencies and deliver high-precision thermal orthomosaic maps.

To learn more about the solution join a free webinar on December 13, 2023 – register at https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Ud1NRAZYR4q02t9eIPMcbQ.

Earlier this year TOPODRONE released TOPODRONE SLAM 100 for mobile mapping and a new lightweight 360° LiDAR model range: TOPODRONE LiDAR 200+, 100 & 100+. All of them as well as photogrammetry solutions and TOPODRONE AQUAMAPPER for drone bathymetry were showcased at INTERGEO 2023 in Berlin.