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SFPE Announces New Course on Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers

<strong>SFPE Announces New Course on Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers</strong>

GAITHERSBURG, Maryland – The Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE), the world’s leading professional society for fire protection and fire safety engineering, announces a new one-hour course on ethics for fire protection engineers. 

Based on the SFPE Code of Ethics, this on-demand course titled “SFPE Introduction to Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers” provides an overview of ethics, the importance of ethics to engineers, and the ethical obligations of a fire protection engineer. The course includes actual ethical challenges faced in the field, guidance on identifying conflicts of interest, plus several case studies. This course is intended for all career and knowledge levels of engineering professionals, with a specific focus on fire safety professionals. The “SFPE Introduction to Ethics for Fire Protection Engineers” course has been developed to comply with many states’ requirements for continuing education credits and engineering ethics training; the course is eligible for 1.0 Professional Development Hour (PDH).

The SFPE Code of Ethics ensures member compliance to 17 canons on knowledge, skill, honesty, impartiality, competence, and prestige in fire protection engineering. The SFPE Code of Ethics was first published in 1984 and most recently updated in 2018.

“Fire protection engineers must maintain and constantly improve their competence, while adhering to the highest principles of ethical conduct,” stated Chris Jelenewicz, PE, FSFPE, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Society of Fire Protection Engineers.  “This on-demand course provides engineers with a convenient overview of the SFPE Code of Ethics along with real-world applications.”

To learn more or to sign up for the “SFPE Introduction for Fire Protection Engineers” on-demand course, visit www.sfpe.org/ethics-course today.