Drone show industry and the opportunities that open up for you where the sky is the only limit – PANEL DISCUSSION

November 11, 2021 08:00 AM PST

Main idea:

Tell the guests through the prism of knowledge and opinions of invited members of the drone show community and professionals in their field about the potential of the industry and about the professions and opportunities that are hidden in it for everyone who likes to try new things.

You will learn:

– What does the drone show industry consist of, what kind of specialists are involved there?
– What has the entertainment industry gained with drone shows, what new opportunities have opened up for the largest agencies and creative companies?
– How from a 3D animator-beginner become a specialist in drone show choreography in demand in the international market?
– The most incredible collaborations of 2021, in which drone shows took a key place.
– 2nd International Drone Show Competition – an opportunity for everyone.

Luke Carothers, Civil+Structural Engineer Media, Editor

– Isabel Caballero Fernandez, 2020 Competition’s 2nd place winner
SkyLab-Entertainment, Drone show designer
– Helen Pukszta & Steve Akins,
Drone Arrival, Co-founders
– Eriks Pastars, DroneShowSoftware Sales Manager, SPH Engineering Ltd,
– Drone Show Software provider

Discover 2nd International Drone Show Competition https://droneshowsoftware.com/competition

For any questions reach out to competition@ugcs.com.

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