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A practical guide to the 16-hour SE licensing exam

In this article, the authors discuss the format, requirements, benefits, and challenges of the new, two-day, 16-hour-long licensing exam for structural engineers (commonly called...

Licensing your firm

Exploring the maze of state licensing requirements

Structural Engineers Roundtable: Three issues facing the structural engineering industry

The first annual Structural Engineer's Buildings Conference, held last December in Chicago, provided an opportunity for structural engineers from across the nation to gather for education, networking, and to ask questions.

Cast iron: A historical background

Material isn't used anymore, but still present in many historic buildings, so be aware of its limitations.

Ethics and personal and professional conflict resolution

In the practice of engineering, conflict will inevitably arise between engineers, clients, and contractors, and in relationships with other professionals or parties.

The Code of Hammurabi and structural engineers

The following two key clauses from the Code of Hammurabi—developed by the King of Babylonia between 1790 and 1750 B.C. (the world’s first written code of business performance)—still have significance for today’s structural engineers, architects, and builders.

Changes to the Wind Load Chapter of ASCE 7

The reorganization of the wind loads section, addition of tabulated wind pressure data, and the new base for mapped wind speeds in the new edition of ASCE 7 should simplify calculations of some wind loads and create more uniform reliability in the design of structures.

P.E. credentials and professional duty

When is the correct time to have P.E. after your name?

Dressing for engineering success

I believe that what you think of yourself—and your pride in your profession—is reflected in how you choose to dress.