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Project Certification and Closeout in a Virtual COVID World and After

As we experience and emerge from “the great shutdown” of 2020, things have and will change in all aspects of life – including the...

Dealing with “Time is of the Essence”

In this (or any other) time of social and/or business disruption, delays, or shutdowns, focus frequently goes to the scheduling clauses contained in design...

Importance of learning and change

Remain tuned to clients’ changing needs, the resources available, and new ways to approach challenges. Change is a constant in life. It’s also a constant...

Bentley’s new Azure-based services accelerate users’ applications mastery

At the Year in Infrastructure 2017 Conference, Bentley Systems, Incorporated introduced SELECTCONNECTservices, new Azure-based services that deliver comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to Bentley application subscribers.

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