Overview & Insights from Zweig Group’s 2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Report – WEBINAR

Airing: Wednesday, July 28, 2021 1pm CDT

Program Description:
Nearly 100% of firms have changed policies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the majority are not planning on reverting. Zweig Group’s 2021 Policies, Procedures, and Benefits Report provides industry statistics on policies and procedures, so you can support your decisions with hard data. To help you better utilize this insightful set of data to its fullest potential, Zweig Group is offering a free webinar to complement the report.

You can expect to hear from Zweig Group’s research and recruitment experts, breaking down the latest trends in AEC firm compensation policies, benefits, budgets, HR department composition, and other major HR issues.

This webinar is an added benefit to all those who purchased the full report; but purchase is not required, registration to this webinar is free and open to all. It is ideal for HR professionals at AEC firms; as well as firm owners and principals interested in benchmarking and staying competitive in the current state of recruitment and retention.

Price: FREE

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