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UgCS | Flight planning for large distributed teams – WEBINAR

UgCS | Flight planning for large distributed teams – WEBINAR

Aired: February 4, 2021 10 AM

UgCS to organise work of a distributed drone teams – pilots in Field / experts in Office.

The webinar will provide insights how UgCS can improve efficacy of drone teams working in a distributed environment. For example:
– Company having remote assets (i.e. construction sites) may hire (inexperienced) drone pilots who are located near the construction site (e.g. during lockdown) to perform predefined survey flights and then deliver acquired data to headquarters.
– Mining, construction and oil&gas companies having large territories requiring security and incident response, which is ensured with video monitoring room (CCTV) and pilots in the field. No LTE, but local WiFi.

What you will learn:
– Plan in the office, fly in the field – transferring flight plans
– Organising work with pilots-subcontractors
– Organising work of a pilot and observer field crew
– Streaming video from drones in the field to the office
– Required infrastructure: physical hardware, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure
– Addressing security issued during data transmission.
– Q&A.

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