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Advanced Project Management for AEC Professionals – VIRTUAL SEMINAR

Advanced Project Management for AEC Professionals – VIRTUAL SEMINAR

Starting February 3, 2021


Spots for this program are limited to 18 attendees. Reserve your spot as soon as possible.

The recommended prerequisite for this course is Zweig Group’s Project Management for AEC Professionals as this advanced-level content builds on and hones the skills developed in this course. This course is ideal for people that have existing experience leading projects and teams A new advanced skills training course for project managers led by a panel of three experts backed by a ton of research on how to best train project managers to be more effective and efficient. This advanced project management course is designed to take a Project Manager to the next level, with a focus on anticipating problems, communicating with leadership and other important stakeholders, and transitioning from managing to leading people and projects. It will focus on the nuances of different situations that commonly arise and how to adapt and optimize your responses to situations in order to maximize the impact of core PM skills. This will address ways to change your approach to be more effective in leading projects in greater magnitude of budget and importance and discuss precision in communication. This course features elements not offered in any other project management course, including being led by an industry expert with almost 2 decades of project management experience, and two psychologists with expertise in people skills, behavior change, group dynamics, and implementation science.

Specifically, this course offers:

  • Education and training regarding skills that can be immediately implemented
  • Collaborative problem-solving and skill practice
  • Individualized feedback
  • Tailored and specific examples
  • Ongoing implementation assistance throughout the course
  • Education
  • Small cohort class (18 attendee limit)


This course is taught by Zweig Group’s strategic partner; Start 2 Rise.

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