SCIA launches User Contest: ‘The Art of Structural Design’

SCIA launched the 11th edition of the SCIA User Contest, named “The Art of Structural Design.” The global contest recognizes and showcases impressive and inspiring work of the world’s top engineers with the central theme of this edition, Be Part of The History!

SCIA releases SCIA Engineer 17.1

SCIA released SCIA Engineer 17.1, a new version of structural analysis and design software that extends the functionalities introduced in SCIA Engineer 17.

SCIA announces User Contest 2017 winners

SCIA, a provider of structural engineering software, announced the six winners of the 10th edition of the SCIA User Contest, aptly named “The Art of Structural Design.” The contest represents impressive and inspiring work of some of the world’s top engineers.

AEC TECH NEWS: SCIA Engineer 17 boosts productivity for structural engineers

SCIA released SCIA Engineer 17, specifically designed to help structural engineers boost their productivity by enabling them to work much faster, with more precision and transparency in their day-to-day work.

Creating and Maintaining FE Mesh for Structural Designs: There’s a Better Way!

More and more civil and structural engineers are being asked to work iteratively with designers and architects.  As timelines shrink, the efficiencies required to...

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