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Faced with Molybdate Restrictions?

Do new restrictions on molybdate make you wonder where to turn for your next replacement water treatment? VpCI®-649 BD MF is yet another molybdate-free...

Cortec® Corporation Presents Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches with Unique Dual Action

Through research, testing, and direct knowledge of end-user needs, Cortec® continues an ongoing cycle of product improvement. Among Cortec’s wide variety of corrosion inhibiting...

VpCI®-386 Water-Based Coating Improves Worker Environment and Corrosion Protection for Manufacturer

It can be challenging to balance corrosion protection and worker safety in manufacturing since many powerful corrosion inhibitors are hazardous chemicals. However, Cortec® Corporation...

Unbeatable Corrosion Protection for Harshest Environmental Conditions!

Billions of dollars in assets are lost every year by the military due to corrosion. Many factors are considered when evaluating corrosion prevention as...


New products that civil and structural engineers can specify or incorporate into projects.

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