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Cortec® Corporation USA Acquires 100% Ownership of Cortec® Southeast Asia Technologies Pvt Ltd. in Singapore from Joint Venture Partner

<strong>Cortec<sup>®</sup> Corporation USA Acquires 100% Ownership of Cortec<sup>®</sup> Southeast Asia Technologies Pvt Ltd. in Singapore from Joint Venture Partner</strong>

Cortec® Corporation, the global leader in VpCI®/MCI® corrosion control technologies, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Cortec® Southeast Asia (CSEA) offices in Singapore. CSEA is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cortec® Corporation. This development promises to improve service and support to customers in Southeast Asia due to a direct connection with Cortec® headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Left to Right – Shades, Jessi, Yudhy, Saras, Priscilla, Vincent

Since January 2019, CSEA has been a valued partner and distribution hub for Cortec® products and services in Southeast Asia, serving the markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. Cortec’s CSEA acquisition will take that tradition to a new level of real-time product and service responsiveness when the transition is complete. At the same time, the familiar CSEA support team will remain:

  • Azmi Ishak (Assistant Finance Manager)
  • Priscilla Nathan (Supply Chain Manager)
  • Saras Subramaniam (Customer Support Officer)
  • Vincent Ong (Senior Technical Manager)
  • Shades Kumar (Senior Sales Manager)
  • Yudhy Sidharta (Business Development Manager)
Left to Right – Shades, Priscilla, Cliff, Azmi, Saras, Vincent

Regarding the event, Cortec® CEO, Boris Miksic, stated, “Acquisition of Cortec® SEA in Singapore is an important step forward for our Group by expanding logistics and technical support to the distribution network in Asia and Australia.” Miksic founded Cortec® 45 years ago and has watched it grow from a rust preventative startup at his home in Minnesota into a multinational entity with offices based in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and now Singapore.

Cortec® has been negotiating the CSEA acquisition for several months, with team members from Cortec® headquarters flying back and forth to facilitate a smooth transition. A highlight of this process was the Southeast Asia sales and training meeting hosted November 4th for distributors from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Cliff Cracauer (EVP of Sales & Marketing) and Eric Uutala (Technical Sales and Product Manager) from Cortec® headquarters facilitated the one-day training focused on approaches to business and market challenges since 2020, global case histories, asset preservation strategies, and company updates. At the news of CSEA acquisition by Cortec® headquarters, long-term distributors expressed an overwhelmingly positive response. Cortec® looks forward to completing the full transition in upcoming months, when improved inventory responsiveness will equip CSEA for better customer service and an expanded presence in the Southeast Asia region. Contact Cortec® Corporation to learn more: https://www.cortecvci.com/contact-us/