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VpCIR-395 Primer: A Little Extra Effort Goes a Long Way to Greater Anticorrosion Coating Durability!

VpCIR-395 Primer: A Little Extra Effort Goes a Long Way to Greater Anticorrosion Coating Durability!

Each coating job has different priorities—whether convenience, corrosion protection, outdoor durability, or chemical resistance. In the first case, single-component, one-coat, direct-to-metal (DTM) coatings systems are great for applications that need quick protection without a lot of time to wait for primers and multiple coats to dry and cure. However, when time does allow, it is best to put in a little extra effort—using 2K products, primers, and multiple coats—in order to achieve the best coating performance possible. That is where VpCI®-395 comes in as Cortec’s first-class, 2K metal primer for corrosion protection!

Why Use VpCI®-395?

There are many great reasons to use VpCI®-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer. For starters, VpCI®-395 is Cortec’s most durable anticorrosion primer. It not only promotes good surface adhesion between the metal and topcoats, but it also has greater strength as a 2K (two-component) primer. The extra effort that goes into mixing two parts together at the jobsite translates into greater durability because it allows crosslinking, i.e., greater chemical bonding, between the active ingredients in the primer. VpCI®-395 shows excellent performance in salt spray and humidity testing.

In addition to promoting a stronger coatings system that inhibits corrosion, VpCI®-395 has the worker and environmental advantage of being water-based. Water-based coatings typically make cleanup easier and are often associated with lower VOCs (0.2 lbs/gal [24 g/L] in the case of VpCI®-395). Thus, VpCI®-395 reduces worker exposure to solvents both in the painting and cleanup process.

Where to Use VpCI®-395

VpCI®-395 is excellent for use in immersion applications and chemical plants because of the toughness of its epoxy. It can be applied as a primer inside tanks and on handrails and metal walkways. Indoors, VpCI®-395 can also be used as a topcoat (since UV resistance is not needed) and tinted to match the plant’s color scheme. Outdoors, VpCI®-395 can be combined with EcoShield® VpCI®-386 to create one of Cortec’s best water-based anticorrosion coatings system. It can also be used with a 2K urethane one-coat system such as VpCI®-384 for even greater durability if a water-based topcoat is not needed.

Going the Extra Mile for Coatings System Success

Often, the most difficult part of a job is the prep-work—whether surface prep, additional mixing, or extra effort to apply a primer. However, these tasks can offer invaluable payoffs in terms of adhesion and overall coating durability. In the case of VpCI®-395, the extra mixing of two components rewards users with a stronger primer to help maximize the success and corrosion protection of the entire coatings system. Next time your coating project can afford to go the extra mile for greater coating durability, be sure to contact Cortec® about VpCI®-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer for a great start to your coatings system: