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Managing a Successful Engineering Firm in the Cloud

Few things create more dread to an engineering firm than having to deal with project and office management. If only we had more time...

The Wild launches cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform

The Wild launched a proprietary, cloud-based platform that enables designers to create and share immersive experiences using any virtual or augmented reality device.

7 Reasons Why AEC Firms Need Cloud Software

Cloud software is a remotely hosted platform accessible via the internet. Instead of running software on your computer, you may simply open an app...

The Digitalization of Infrastructure

Autodesk released a report, Civil Infrastructure Strategic Industry Foresight — The Digitalization of Infrastructure, that discusses how trends in technology are poised to deliver...

Architectural Firm More Profitable with IT Cloud

Memphis design firm, ANF Architects, increased productivity and lowered costs by outsourcing IT operations to a private cloud provider. Architects acting as IT staff...

Flexibility for design

When the first laptops were created in the 1980s as a portable alternative to home computers, original models such as the Osborne 1 were...

BQE launches management tool for professional services businesses

BQE Software, Inc., a provider of time billing, project management, and accounting software, launched of BQE Core, a complete business management tool for professional services.

Sensing, connectivity, and computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a paradigm shift that promises to forever change the internet as we know it. However, the Building Internet...

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