Torrance, Calif. — BQE Software, Inc., a provider of time billing, project management, and accounting software, launched of BQE Core, a complete business management tool for professional services.

Building upon experience over two decades developing software to serve architects, engineers, accountants, attorneys, and other service professionals, BQE committed more than 100 employees over the past three years to develop a brand new system that would propel their customers to the forefront of technology in business. BQE Core takes all the essential business functions for professional services firms and seamlessly integrates them into a secure, cloud-based solution conveniently accessible from any operating system or mobile device. BQE Core was purpose-built to perform complex tasks blazingly fast, overcoming one of the most problematic aspects of cloud computing: speed.

“Our dream was to build the most beautiful software interface with an extremely powerful engine to simplify the lives of millions of business owners and managers around the world. To achieve this, we put together a team of world-class engineers, designers, and domain experts and worked extremely hard to deliver this amazing software, BQE Core,” said Shafat Qazi, CEO and Founder of BQE. “It will revolutionize professional services firms because it’s easy to use, extraordinarily powerful, and provides a rich user experience.”

“We built BQE Core with customizable features that make contextual sense for our customers,” continued Qazi. “Professional services firms can adjust the solution to meet their specific industry and employee needs. Core stands apart in the industry due to its ability to let the customer be in complete control of their data and how it’s presented.”

A key element of BQE Core is the clean, contemporary design. “Consistency and simplicity were the driving forces behind the design of our user interface and experience,” said Steven Burns, Chief Creative Officer of BQE.  “Our biggest challenge was to take a powerful solution and present it in a way that is fresh, friendly, and functional. The solution provides users at any level of the organization powerful yet intuitive capabilities for accounting, scheduling, project management, business intelligence, and billing.”

BQE Core provides management with key performance indicators related to their projects, employees, clients, and vendors that allow them to better plan internal resources and manage costs in real-time. For example, they can dynamically view the calculated effective billing rate for every individual to gauge performance and to judge if the billing rates should be adjusted going forward.

BQE also offers a unique “pay only for what you need” pricing structure for Core. Companies pay only for the features that their staff needs to access. Monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions make it ideal for firms with elastic demand. The solution offers an exceedingly high value proposition for users through competitive pricing, flexible subscriptions, and seamless mobile device access. The customization abilities of the product are unparalleled, enabling firms to tailor the program to meet their unique needs.

BQE Core includes features that work together synchronously, including:

  • multiple customizable dashboards with charts and graphs that provide companies with actionable intelligence;
  • fully-functional native mobile apps for iOS and Android phones;
  • the ability to download and reconcile transactions for banks or financial institutions around the world;
  • seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and MYOB Account Right; and
  • cloud storage integration with Google Drive, Dropbox and AWS.

BQE Core is available for a 15-day free trial at