Managing a Successful Engineering Firm in the Cloud

This webcast aired on Jun 27, 2019


Few things create more dread to an engineering firm than having to deal with project and office management. If only we had more time to spend doing what we love and attracted us to the profession in the first place. This webinar will look into the latest cloud technologies that are designed specifically for the management of Engineering and Architectural firms. Will we look at some of these disruptive tools, discuss strategies for how every firm can bridge the divide and take a deep dive into one solution that provides a full 360-degree view of the firm and projects.

After watching this webinar, you will:

  • Understand why cloud computing is essential for firms to successfully thrive in the coming decades
  • Understand the varied landscape of cloud solutions available to help AE firms handle all aspects of their business
  • Understand the meaning of artificial intelligence as it relates to the future of architecture and why it should be embraced and not feared
  • Best practices for finding the right solutions, initiating the transition and managing expectations
  • See a demonstration of how a cloud-native, fully integrated solution can help manage all aspects of an AE practice.

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Take the Quiz

Having desktop software applications is preferable to cloud applications because the user can decide when to update or upgrade the software.
Which of the following is NOT a reason to have your business in the cloud:
Using the cloud for file storage is not recommended if your firm uses large files (CAD,BIM,Movies), because it takes too long to constantly upload and download them.
Team collaboration solutions like Slack or Basecamp are secure and can be used for business critical communications
The ​Lift and Shift​ method of moving your business to the cloud means your software doesn’t change other than being moved into the cloud.
Which of the following terms means the software is designed around the specific needs of your business/industry?
Which of the following is NOT a reason a firm would choose a Cloud-Native solution over a Lift and Shift solution?
Hybrid cloud solutions are better than Native cloud solutions because they are more environmentally friendly.
Which of the following is NOT reason to evaluate your firm’s website regularly?
Accounting software is only necessary for your firm’s finances and is not helpful in managing projects.
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