Sunday, December 8, 2019

Products + Specifications

Products and product announcements related to the AEC industry. These are the products that engineers specify in their plans.

Specify – February 2019

Hollow-core retaining wall blocks Redi-Rock International’s Redi-Rock XL Hollow-Core Retaining blocks are twice the height of standard Redi-Rock blocks and available in widths of 52,...

Specify – December 2018

Acoustic panels ASI Architectural introduced StrandTec Wood Fiber Ceiling and Wall Panels, which reduce echo and reverberation while enhancing a room’s overall aesthetics. These sustainable,...

Specify – November 2018

Sludge thickener for wastewater Centrisys Corporation said its Centrisys/CNP THK sludge thickener offers lower life cycle costs, less or zero polymer, higher G-volume for higher...

Specify – October 2018

01. Turf reinforcement mats American Excelsior introduced a new product line marketed under the brand TriNet Family of turf reinforcement mats (TRMs). The initial launch...

Specify – September 2018

01. Concrete architectural pavers Tectura Designs introduced a 1-inch-thick Thin Paver that the company said has the strength of its 2- to 4-inch-thick counterparts but...

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