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ZWEIGWHITE acquires Stagnito Media—s A/E print, e-media, and virtual conference assets

FAYETTEVILLE, ARK. — Management consulting, publishing, and training firm ZweigWhite acquired Stagnito Media’s Engineering Group — its architectural and engineering resources — through a new wholly owned subsidiary, ZweigWhite Media, LLC.

Specific assets include: print and e-media publications CE News (www.cenews.com), Structural Engineering & Design (www.gostructural.com), and Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure (www.rebuildingamericasinfrastructure.com); e-media vertical channel HubDOT.net (www.hubdot.net); and events and e-media assets AEC Technology Strategies (www.aectechstrategies.com), Best Firms To Work For (www.bestfirmstoworkfor.com) and IPD Channel (www.ipdchannel.net).

ZweigWhite and Stagnito Media’s business paths have crossed before. “Stagnito Media was part of ZweigWhite post-sale to Cardinal Growth in 2004, then carved off again in 2008,” said ZweigWhite founder and CEO Mark Zweig, who sold his interest in the firm and retired in 2004 only to rejoin the firm in July 2010. “They never successfully integrated this operation into the rest of ZweigWhite’s business back then. We intend to fully integrate it now to greatly benefit our clients, readers, and the A/E/C industry as a whole as we launch a variety of new products and services aimed squarely at the needs of firm owners in this market. This was a natural for us.”

Stagnito Media is located in Deerfield, Ill. In tandem with this acquisition, ZweigWhite will be opening a new office in nearby Chicago.

ZweigWhite Chairman Edward Friedrichs said, “We look forward to integrating Stagnito’s broad base of information resources into ZweigWhite’s offerings to bring a richer body of knowledge to both audiences. Further, current Stagnito readers and conference participants will benefit from ZweigWhite’s consulting, valuation, and M&A services.”

Also included in the purchase deal are the virtual conferences Government Infrastructure eConference (www.governmentinfrastructure.com) and Engineering Design Technology eConference (www.econference.stagnitomedia.com), as well as the Continuing Education (www.stagnitomedia.com/cedu) and the Custom Media (www.stagnitomedia.com/showcase) sites.

Websites in the acquisition include:
• aecprojectmanagement.com,
• aectechstrategies.com,
• bestfirms.net,
• bestfirmssummit.com,
• bestfirmstoworkfor.net,
• bimchannel.com,
• cenewssummit.com,
• enviroexpo.com,
• gobridges.com,
• gostructural.com,
• ipdconference.com,
• sebuildings.com,
• structuralcio.com,
• sustainableengineering.com, and
• sustainableengineering.net.

The deal does not include Stagnito Media’s Food Group assets.