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Zweig Research Participation

Looking for ways to contribute to Elevating the AEC industry?  Consider contributing your input to one or more of Zweig Group’s research surveys.  Survey participation is open year-round, and those who choose to participate will receive discounts to Zweig Group Research Publications, and participating in certain surveys will earn you a discount on attendance to Zweig Group Events or Learning Opportunities.  Here are some of our surveys open for participation:

Fee & Billing

How does your firm stack up in terms of fees, billing rates, and billing practices?  Zweig Group’s Fee & Billing Survey Report benchmarks these items while evaluating productivity and utilization.

Survey Participation Deadline: 31 March 2024

Financial Performance

This survey collects data on financial performance and financial practices of AEC firms, and provides comprehensive data on their financial performance, financial departments, challenges, methodology, and financial practices.

Survey Participation Deadline: 30 April 2024

Policies, Procedures, and Benefits

This report is designed to help AEC firms benchmark themselves in all areas related to benefits and compensation–providing key industry statistics on policies and procedures.  This information helps firms support policy decisions with hard data.  The key to firm growth and reaching strategic goals often rests with the quality of employees and quality of a firm’s policies, procedures, and benefits.

Survey Participation Deadline: 31 May 2024