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Zweig Group’s 2022 Recruitment & Retention Report Released

Zweig Group’s 2022 Recruitment & Retention Report Released

Fayetteville, AR – Leading advisory and publishing firm for the AEC industry, Zweig Group, has released new research and insights on the topic of AEC industry’s top challenge – recruitment and retention, in the 2022 Recruitment and Retention Report of AEC Firms.

This report contains key findings about the resources used and investments AEC firms are making to address their recruitment and retention strategies. While there was a slight slowdown in growth over the past two years, AEC industry firms have retained employees at a much-improved rate. Firms continue to have the same number of open positions relative to firm size as they had prior to the pandemic.

Despite the fact that recruiting/hiring is such an important element of a firm’s success, 34% of survey respondents admit their hiring needs are beyond the scope of their in-house HR/recruitment staff. Over 80% of firms say it takes, on average, more than 30 days to hire a candidate, and the majority of firms (91%) admit they’ve made at least one “bad hire” in the past three years.

Zweig Group’s 2022 Recruitment and Retention Report was comprised with data gathered from a number of company administered, industry-wide surveys, including the online Recruitment and Retention Survey – 113 respondents from January 2021 to February 2022, 2021 data from 134 individual firms in Zweig Group’s Best Firms to Work For Awards Program, employee sentiment data from hundreds of AEC firms and over 15,000 individual responses, and insights from Zweig Group’s 2021 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Report of AEC Firms is also included to highlight topics such as compensation, leave policies, staffing policies, and much more.

For more information on this report, visit: https://zweiggroup.com/products/2022-recruitment-and-retention-survey-report