Fayetteville, Ark. — If you're the leader of an architectural, engineering, planning or environmental consulting firm, you can't risk not knowing the value of your business. Whether for external purposes, such as a firm sale or merger, or internal purposes, such as ownership transition or ESOP implementation, all firm owners must know the value of their investments. To help A/E/P and environmental consulting leaders manage this daunting task, Zweig Group released its 2016 Valuation Survey of Architecture, Engineering, Planning & Environmental Consulting Firms on February 1.

“Valuing your firm can be important for many reasons,” said Andrea Bennett, Zweig Group’s research and publications manager. “Last year, half of respondents said they performed a valuation prior to an internal ownership transfer, while a little more than a third said it was a buy/sell requirement. However, we also had respondents who said it was necessary to obtain financing, for an outside sale or merger, or an ERISA, ESOP, or IRS requirement. Determining the right way to conduct a valuation for your firm is essential.”

Zweig Group surveyed A/E/P and environmental consulting firms that had performed valuations in the past three years. The survey includes questions about who executed the valuation, why it was conducted, and key financial statistics, including net revenue, book value, backlog, EBITDA, and more. It also covers valuation methods and firm profiles, so readers can compare their companies to similar businesses in the same industry.

The 2016 Valuation Survey is available at https://zweiggroup.com/p-2243-valuation-survey-2016