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Zweig Group opens office in Dallas

Zweig Group opens office in Dallas

Fayetteville, Ark. — Doubling down on its commitment to client service and opportunity for its staff, full-service AEC consulting firm Zweig Group, publisher of Civil + Structural Engineer, has opened an office in downtown Dallas. Set to launch in October, the new location will enhance the firm’s access to its existing client base in Dallas-Fort Worth, and Texas in general, as well as streamline the firm’s ability to meet face-to-face with its national clientele.

With a footprint in the nation’s fourth largest metro, at around 7.2 million people, Zweig Group said it looks to build a strong local market for its suite of consulting services, which includes mergers and acquisitions, marketing, ownership transition, valuation, and C-suite leadership seminars. Dallas-Fort Worth is also a tier-one area to find and develop talent.

“This is an exciting new frontier for us,” said Chad Clinehens, Zweig Group’s president and CEO. “As a firm, we want to elevate the industry, and Dallas provides a powerful platform for our mission. With a strong and resilient economy, and with its endless opportunities for architecture and engineering firms, Dallas was a natural fit for us and what we have to offer.”

“The AEC industry in Dallas, and throughout Texas and the Southwest region, is flourishing,” he said. “We see great opportunity for growth in this market, which has enormous potential due to its economy and its talent. We’re going to forge the cutting edge of AEC consulting.”

“We are proud to have built a company with a strong legacy and deep roots, but one that also rejects complacency and embraces an evolutionary spirit,” Kiser said. “It’s our ability to change, while also remaining the same, that allows us to better serve our clients, our colleagues, and the industry as a whole.”