Fayetteville, Ark. — Zweig Group, publisher of Civil + Structural Engineer magazine and more than a dozen annual surveys about important issues in the A/E/P and environmental consulting industries, announced the premiere of its Company Car Survey. The survey, which is the first installment of Zweig Group’s new “mini-survey” line, is open for participation and will be released on March 11.

“Our 2015 Policies, Procedures & Benefits Survey showed more than half of firms provide company cars to at least some employees,” said Andrea Bennett, Zweig Group’s research and publications manager. “On average, about 14 percent of employees have either a company car or an auto allowance, so we wanted to delve further into this topic to provide readers with a more comprehensive understanding of company vehicle provisions and policies.”

The survey aims to establish industry standards for company cars, including cost, length of time used, popular makes and models, and reasons for choosing a specific vehicle.

“We want to provide benchmarks, so firm leaders can see how their spending on company cars stacks up to others in the industry,” Bennett said. “Furthermore, the information in this survey might provide firms who are on-the-fence about whether to provide this perk the data they need to make a final decision.”

The survey, which is open for participation until February 17, also asks participants about who uses company vehicles, for what purposes, and for how long. Respondents who complete the survey will receive a coupon for 50 percent off the finished survey, or any other Zweig Group mini-survey.

Participants can contribute by visiting zweiggroup.com/survey-participation. For more information, email research@zweiggroup.com or call 800-466-6275.