ZICIX Corporation’s (OTC Pink: ZICX) Chairman, Mr. William A. Petty has received a recent report from its ZICIX President, Mr. Fernando M. Sopot that in principle, ZICIX Corporation, and one of Asia’s largest construction company LA Global Construction and Development, Inc. agrees to merge or join forces together, to form ZICIX-LA GLOBAL Construction Management Group, Inc.

Construction management is a professional service that provides project owners with effective management of the project’s schedule, cost, quality, safety, scope and function. Construction management is compatible with all project delivery methods. No matter the arrangements, ZICIX-LA GLOBAL Construction Management Group is responsible to the Project Owner and to the successful completion of the Project. The Construction Manager monitors the progress of the work daily and makes at least a weekly development report of the construction of the project being undertaken by a General Contractor.

ZICIX’s operating company, CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII), will remain the Project Developer of infrastructure projects awarded to it, and shall be assisted by a Construction Management Company on the daily progress of the work.

ZICIX + CTIP-FII is currently having in its portfolio, managing projects to the tune of about $800 million, involving construction of buildings, hospitals, public road projects, renewable energy, and the support to various Ministry of Health (MOH) in several countries for their Disaster Preparedness Plan, by supplying emergency vehicles to the Local Government Units (LGUs) through MOH.