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YEA 2022 – Pelješac Bridge

YEA 2022 – Pelješac Bridge

China Road and Bridge Company (CRBC)

Project Location: Croatia

Category: Transportation + Infrastructure

Started: July 30, 2018

Completed: January 31, 2022

Project Team: 

Bicheng Tang

Xuefeng Wang

Minghai Pei

Marjan Piperbaher

Goran Legac

Project Summary: The Pelješac Bridge is located at the southern end of Croatia, in the Mali Ston Bay Nature Reserve in the west Adriatic Sea. The bridge established the connection between the northern territory of Croatia and the southern Dubrovnik – Neretva province, avoiding border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina on land. The bridge is a steel box girder extradosed cable-stayed bridge with 6 pylons and a total length of 2440m, with a span distribution of 84 + 108 + 108 + 189.5 + 5 × 285 + 189.5 + 108 + 108 + 84 (m). The bridge has 2 abutments and 2 shore piers, one each on both sides of the bay. The remaining 10 piers are in the sea; the average sea depth along the bridge alignment is 27 m. The required minimum navigation clearance was 200m x 55 m. The contractor China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) signed the commercial contract with the client Hrvastske Ceste under the terms of the FIDIC red book with a total cost of 2.08 billion Kuna ( about 283 million Euros). Construction started in August 2018 and it opened on 26 July 2022.