Exton, Pa. — XL Catlin’s Design Professional insurance business unveiled several new enhancements to its professional liability insurance for architects and engineers (A&E) as well as other design professionals.   

According to Alex Blanco, Chief Underwriting Officer for XL Catlin’s Design Professional insurance business, “While the design profession dates back centuries, it’s a vocation that sees continuous change as firms confront shifting customer expectations, new delivery methods and technologies along with the risks that accompany them.”

“To keep pace with that change, we keep a constant and careful eye on how our professional liability insurance would protect our clients given new challenges and the changing service environment and look for way to boost our coverage’s effectiveness,” Blanco said. “With these latest enhancements, we aim to address A&E professional liability issues we see on the horizon before them become issues for our clients.”

XL Catlin’s newest Design Professional insurance enhancements include:

  • Professional Liability protection for a firm’s use of drones to cover for Wrongful Acts arising out of data collected or work product derived from the use of unmanned aerial systems and other vehicles
  • Pro bono Professional Services Coverage extending professional liability coverage to a firm’s charitable, community work
  • Coverage for High Tech Professional Services addressing the use of 3-D printing or other computer-assisted design technology
  • Crisis Event and Reputation Management offering up to $30,000 per policy year for PR fees to respond to crisis events
  • Enhanced Defendant Reimbursement now providing up to $500 per day and up to $25,000 per policy year
  • Enhanced Disciplinary, Regulatory or Administrative Expense Reimbursement, now up to $50,000 per policy year.

XL Catlin’s Design Professional business provides professional liability insurance for architects, engineers and design consultants. Coverage is available for firms of all sizes and disciplines.  XL Catlin’s design professional coverage is accompanied by a variety of loss prevention assistance and risk management assistance including continuing education courses and access to XL Catlin’s Contract eGuide to help firms incorporate strong contract language.