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WSP USA Reaches New Heights in RAISE Grant Approvals

WSP USA Reaches New Heights in RAISE Grant Approvals

In FY 2022, nearly half of the WSP-supported RAISE applications – USDOT’s most competitive grant program – received funding, compared to the 18-percent success rate for all applicants.

WSP USA, a leading engineering and professional services consultancy, supported 14 of the winning U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Grant program applications – amounting to $228.6 million in federal grants for the firm’s clients.

This nearly 50-percent success rate far exceeded the industry success rate average of 18 percent, as only 166 total awards were presented from the 936 RAISE applications received.

“This success demonstrates our partnership with Accelerator for America and our team’s outstanding aptitude with state and federal grant applications,” said Denise Turner Roth, Advisory national business line executive. “WSP is adept at showing the benefits that can be realized through funding important infrastructure projects and we have helped clients across the country secure billions of dollars in federal funding and financing for more than 100 infrastructure projects.”

WSP’s support towards this year’s RAISE applications included developing the full application package along with the benefit cost analysis, or higher level advising on competitiveness.

Formerly known as BUILD/TIGER, the 2022 RAISE grants fund planning and capital investments that support roads, bridges, transit, rail, ports or intermodal transportation. Half of the funding is designated for projects in rural areas and the other half for urban areas, and nearly two-thirds of the projects are based in areas of persistent poverty or historically disadvantaged communities.

WSP is an industry leader in the RAISE program and has supported more than 70 freight rail, intercity passenger rail, transit, highway, bridge and multimodal projects since 2009 – amounting to more than $1.14 billion in secured funding from this program.

In 2020, WSP supported four of the winning BUILD grants awarded funding, and in 2018, approximately 23 percent of WSP-supported applications were selected. Two years prior, WSP supported five of the 40 TIGER winners, securing more than $66 million for projects in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Utah.

Since 2009, WSP has supported more than $31 billion in competitive grant applications alone for clients nationwide. The firm has accomplished this by:

  • staying informed of funding opportunities and federal policy and regulatory developments,
  • advising clients on how to best align capital programs and projects with available state and federal discretionary funding,
  • shaping projects to be competitive for funding, and
  • helping clients navigate complex state and federal pre-grant planning and application requirements.

Visit WSP’s planning strategy and grants webpage for more information.