Dayton, Ohio — Woolpert, a national A&E firm headquartered in Dayton, announced an agreement with Fuyao Glass America Inc., China’s largest auto glass manufacturer, for redevelopment of the former General Motors (GM) Moraine assembly plant. Woolpert will provide architectural, engineering, construction support and design consulting services for the renovation of the plant, which GM closed in 2008.

“We initially considered several choices but ultimately selected Woolpert because of its reputation as a top national design firm and a good local company. We were impressed with their enthusiasm to establish a long-term relationship with Fuyao,” said Junming Wang, Fuyao’s Ohio project manager. “We believe this collaboration with Woolpert will result in a mutually beneficial outcome for us, for Woolpert and for this region.”

Fuyao Glass America Inc. purchased the 1.4 million square feet industrial space in May 2014 and will invest $200 million to create a new glass-manufacturing facility, its first in North America. The company will start production in summer 2015 and employ 800 people.

“We are proud to play a role in a project of such significance to the Dayton region,” said Mike Flannery, Woolpert’s CEO. “The economic impacts will reach deep into the community with new jobs, increased tax revenues, additional development of the surrounding area and enhanced supply chain opportunities.”

Preliminary plans call for the site, located on 110 acres between Kettering Boulevard and State Route 741, to be reconfigured and divided into separate facilities, with partial demolition of some buildings. New office space will also be created for the plant’s support functions.

“One of our goals is to analyze the existing plant to determine the most cost effective means to reuse the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering systems already in place. In essence, we’ll be making the old new again,” said Mike Stanoikovich, senior vice president at Woolpert.   

Prior to Fuyao’s purchase of the space, the Industrial Realty Group (IRG) chose Woolpert to complete a master redevelopment plan for the facility and an assessment of its viability.

In 2012, Woolpert was chosen to provide similar design and engineering services for a Navistar Engine Research Facility and Test Lab in Chicago.