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WINT launches next-generation water management solution to drive sustainability and efficiency in buildings and construction sites

<strong>WINT launches next-generation water management solution to drive sustainability and efficiency in buildings and construction sites</strong>

WINT Water Intelligence continues to transform water management and sustainability solutions for the built environment with the launch of its powerful WINT3 platform.

The next-generation WINT3 builds on WINT’s widely deployed water management solutions and technologies to help organizations mitigate water risk and proactively meet sustainability goals in a wide range of midsize and large facilities, including commercial buildings, multifamily residential, office, retail, higher education and others.

“Water is the last unmanaged resource in buildings,” said Yaron Dycian, chief product and strategy officer for WINT. “This results in significant waste, carbon emissions, and damage from leaks. With the world’s water resources rapidly dwindling, rising insurance premiums and the increasing prominence of net zero goals, ignoring water is no longer an option. WINT3 and its powerful AI analytics provides organizations a highly effective solution to these challenges. Commercial, residential, education and other large facilities can now monitor and manage water, cut waste, prevent damage and reduce emissions so they can meet their financial and sustainability goals into the future.”

Current rates of waste and the carbon impact of the water supply make efficient water management a crucial part of buildings’ sustainability strategies. Commercial buildings account for approximately 17% of public water consumption in the United States, and water treatment and delivery are responsible for 13% of the total electricity consumption in the United States. Yet water waste in buildings is rampant, with some 25% of water entering a facility lost to inefficiency, equipment failure and human error.

WINT equips building owners and management teams with a cutting-edge solution for managing water in the building, fighting water loss and damage and reducing the environmental impact of an increasingly scarce resource. The next-generation WINT3 platform includes all the advanced features of the current platform as well as new capabilities:

  • Automated leak mitigation with real-time detection and auto shutoff.
  • Unparalleled anomaly detection and analytics powered by advanced AI algorithms.
  • Enterprise-grade management for operation in large and mid-sized facilities.
  • Backup power to ensure uninterrupted water management and valve activation even during power outages.
  • Autonomous operation in case of communication failures.
  • Flexible communication options, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G and 5G cellular.
  • Ability to monitor and detect anomalies on all types of water systems in the facility, including main feeds, domestic cold water, irrigation, cooling towers, sprinklers, and HVAC.

“WINT3 has already delivered remarkable results that reflect our commitment to innovative solutions that reduce the cost, risk and climate impact associated with leaks and water waste in the built environment,” Dycian said. “Efforts to reduce emissions and waste are increasingly important to stakeholders and regulators. With the rollout of this powerful water management system, we’re empowering our customers to leverage efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint. By delivering immediate, meaningful results, WINT improves the productivity of businesses and drives sustainable construction and building operations.”

For more information about WINT, visit https://wint.ai