Atlanta — MWH has contributed at the highest sponsorship level for the 2nd annual Women in Construction, Engineering and Related Services (WICERS) Conference held in Atlanta.  As an award level sponsor, MWH is promoting the conference goals of supporting women in construction and engineering.

Goals for WICERS include helping women explore, expand and enhance their professional experiences and networks, increase technical knowledge, discover industry trends and innovations, and accelerate their career path. 

WICERS 2016 will emphasize the importance and value of relationships, resources and partnerships for women who work in construction, engineering and related services. The Honorable Kasim Reed, Mayor of the City of Atlanta, will be the keynote speaker at this year’s awards luncheon event.

“It’s rare when you have an opportunity to attend a conference with presentations of this quality, great networking opportunities and the ability to have fun at the same time,” said Becky Hachenburg, vice-president at MWH.  “At MWH, we believe in the goals and purpose of WICERS and we are proud to support this important event.”

As validation of the success of MWH in serving the Great City of Atlanta, the company is proud to have achieved a 42 percent participation of S/M/WBE over the life of the consent order program.  This translates to more than $100 million in qualitative economic value generated.  Additionally, through Mayor Reed’s leadership, our partnership has resulted in over $13 billion in both direct and indirect economic development moving forward.  

MWH support of the WICERS Conference aligns with the company’s global gender diversity initiative. MWH is committed to actively encouraging diversity through its people and activities. “Our clients ‘win’ when we embrace diversity and inclusivity as we develop far greater ideas to solving problems,” said Hachenburg.