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What You Need To Know to Pursue A Career in Structural Engineering

What You Need To Know to Pursue A Career in Structural Engineering

[Indianapolis, Ind.] — The latest episode of American Structurepoint’s Making Our Point podcast explores structural engineering as a career choice. This is the first in a series of podcasts focusing on providing insights about the different types of engineering to help young adults determine whether engineering is right for them.

American Structurepoint’s Structural Engineering Group Leader Luke Nisley shares insights about the projects structural engineers often tackle. He also gives excellent information for people considering a structural engineering career, such as the current job market, salary expectations, career paths, and more.

Structural engineering is a specialty within civil engineering. Structural engineers often work hand in hand with architects. The architects envision a project and structural engineers help them achieve their vision. They use problem-solving skills to design a structure and choose the right materials so that the building remains standing in all kinds of environments and is safe and stable throughout its use.

“I like to tell people being a structural engineer is like building a puzzle and also being responsible for designing the puzzle pieces as well,” Nisley said.

Nisley also says American Structurepoint is a great place for engineering graduates to begin a career because the group takes on many different types of building projects while also focusing on mentoring and career development of each team member.

To learn more about structural engineering and to find out if this career is for you, listen to the podcast episode entitled “What You Should Know About Structural Engineering.” You can find the podcast at https://structurepoint.buzzsprout.com, under the “Company” tab on structurepoint.com, or on any of your favorite podcast streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and more. And if you are a job seeker reading this, be sure to check out structurepoint.com/careers to see all our openings!