The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) is accepting proposals for a research project addressing graywater reuse for landscape irrigation. Proposals are due by July 31, 2007.

Through this research, WERF says it will provide valuable information for educating and guiding decision makers, water agencies, regulators, product manufacturers, and consumers. The study will provide quantitative, scientifically sound data useful in assessing the safety of household graywater reuse for landscape irrigation. Ultimately, this study should provide a factual basis for assessing consumer product use and disposal recommendations in graywater reuse systems.

Graywater is defined in this project as wastewater that originates from residential clothes washers, bathtubs, showers, and sinks. Toilets, kitchen sinks, and dishwashers are not included because of the high organic content leading to oxygen depletion and increased microbial activity of the graywater.

Researchers interested in submitting a proposal should visit the WERF website  for more information and a complete RFP.