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Weller’s Powerful New Soldering Station available at TestEquity

New WXsmart series is connecting the future of soldering with traceability and process control.

TestEquity, the electronics industry’s largest authorized distributor of test and measurement solutions and production supplies, announced that Weller’s all new WXsmart family of soldering stations is now available to its customers.

“Anyone in electronics production knows that hand soldering is tough to monitor and control across multiple workbenches,” said Scott Maclin, VP EPS Product Management at TestEquity. “The connectivity features of the new WXsmart series means consistent traceability and process control that doesn’t slow anything down at the soldering station.”

The WXsmart platform can deliver data in real time and in multiple formats. It is designed to easily integrate into common ERP systems to improve transparency, streamline documentation, and allow better process control. The end result is fewer solder joint failures from production and better performance of the end product in the field.

“Our distributors are critical to bringing new products to market successfully,” said Jack Meyer, Channel Manager at Weller. “When we shared the details of the WXseries, TestEquity immediately understood what makes this soldering station so powerful.”

Answering all application needs from Pico, Micro, Heavy Duty Soldering and Tweezers Soldering from component size 0402 to 1612 and beyond Easily extendible to a full rework station with the WXair Rework Module. The station has 300 W, 2 soldering channels, 1 air and 1 vacuum channel. In total 16 tools are connectable to the WXsmart.

To learn more or to schedule a demo, visit TestEquity.com