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Our oceanfront high-rise condo, The Chalfonte, will undergo an inspection more stringent than required by any 40-year inspection certification.

The Chalfonte will have structural engineers inspect its twin modernized, well-maintained buildings even more stringently than what would be required if there were a 40-year inspection certification required in Palm Beach County.

Meanwhile, all our deepest sympathies go out to all of those so sorrowfully impacted by the Surfside Building Collapse and we pray there will never be another tragedy such as what happened in Surfside.

“Even though we’re 40 miles to the north of where the tragedy occurred, we still feel we’re neighbors and send our prayers and support to the families and victims as well as to the many brave men and women who continue to search and rescue those still unaccounted for,” said Steve Rogers, President of the Chalfonte at Boca Raton Condominium Association.

“In light of this tragedy, the Board and I are being super proactive about our processes and procedures when it comes to our buildings’ safety, even though there is already abundant evidence of its structural soundness,” he said in a news release distributed on PR Newswire by TransMedia Group.

Although currently there is no requirement in Palm Beach County for a 40-year inspection recertification, Rogers has asked structural engineers to provide a proposal for scheduled inspections that are even more stringent than any to date.

“The Board and I are committed to working diligently to ensure the safety and welfare of our owners and residents,” said the president of the Chalfonte comprising two majestic 22-story towers built in the late 1970s.

“The entire staff, Board of Directors and I consider our residents’ safety our most important concern and obligation.”

Recently, Rogers met with structural engineer Kristen Foreman of Biller Reinhart Engineering Group to discuss Chalfonte infrastructure. In 2019, the Chalfonte’s garages, roofs and balconies were inspected by her and her engineering team to prepare the scope of work for a balcony concrete restoration project currently underway.

“She assured me our buildings are extremely well built and safe, constructed with a lot of steel which makes them stronger. This is one reason why we have more spalling of the concrete, requiring periodic restoration.

“As maintenance of the Chalfonte infrastructure has always been our top priority, the Board and I are in discussions about hiring an onsite full-time Infrastructure Manager as an additional resource to oversee the maintenance of infrastructure and oversee all major structural projects.”