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Wejo Drives Future Of Smart Mobility With Launch of Real-Time Traffic Intelligence Solution

Wejo Drives Future Of Smart Mobility With Launch of Real-Time Traffic Intelligence Solution

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New solution provides real-time accurate and comprehensive picture of traffic and road conditions at any given time to help improve overall efficiency and safety on road networks

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom — Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO), a global leader in Smart Mobility cloud and software solutions for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data, announced the launch of Wejo RTTI™, a Real-Time Traffic Intelligence solution that can provide critical insights via an up-to-the-minute and holistic view of traffic conditions and safety incidents on roads using aggregated data derived from millions of connected vehicles. Wejo RTTI can be utilized by public agencies, civil engineering firms, mapping & navigation providers and logistics companies to get a better view of what’s happening here and now. This insight allows for a real-world impact on road safety and congestion within a community using easily digestible real-time traffic data.

The Wejo RTTI solution offers several features, including ultra-low latency, highly granular traffic updates and accurate traffic events, as well as real-time speeds and travel-times for roads. This service enables quick detection of changing traffic conditions, identification of road closures and unexpected slowdowns situations, helping the unpredictable become more manageable.

Built for any developer or mobility service provider that wishes to integrate real-time traffic into its solutions, Wejo RTTI is available via APIs and can help car/ride sharing applications, logistics companies and other gig-economy companies improve estimated time of arrivals. It also enables the ability to implement dynamic pricing for congestion charging on routes, at tolls and in parking structures.

“Wejo has always been at the forefront of making connected vehicle data available to all – now we are doing the same for real-time traffic information to help our customers understand, anticipate, and respond to what is happening on roads and highways,” said Richard Barlow, Founder & CEO of Wejo. “Wejo RTTI can empower our customers to shape the future of transport and road safety to drive the future of smart mobility, smart cities and smart living.”

Data Accuracy and Integrity

Visibility into real-time traffic data allows users to proactively recommend safety improvements to road networks, identify urban traffic congestion patterns as they happen and make decisions based on accurate real-time intelligent aggregated data. Users can assess one of the best approaches for future planning and make immediate changes. Wejo RTTI also provides accurate insights without human intervention, removing any bias from the research. Actionable insights derived from the solution can be used to mitigate risks and improve safety.

Speed of Visibility

The real-time aspect of Wejo RTTI allows users to understand and respond to real road traffic and safety conditions quickly by having insight into what is happening on the road right now. This allows users to reduce time, money and effort in collecting data to understand pre/post-development analysis and go straight to analyzing insights when they want, providing a clear view of before, during and after. Wejo RTTI also helps users to understand in real-time where congestion exists, unreported road closures and unexpected slowdowns.

Boost Operational Efficiency

By having access to intelligent real-time aggregated data derived directly from millions of connected vehicles, users can reduce reliance on the need for field devices like sensors and cameras and reduce the time spent analyzing multiple traffic data sources to find answers. It also allows users to get access to a real-time view of roads, highways, and public infrastructure – not just where sensors, cameras and field devices are located.

Drive Innovation

With direct access to connected vehicle data from approximately 12M vehicles in real-time, Wejo is leading the way in Urban Smart Mobility by providing access to real-time traffic insights that can reinforce the backbone of smart city infrastructure and technology. As connected vehicle data becomes prolific and more cars become connected, both in sophistication and volume, Wejo RTTI will provide a means for users to drill into previously inaccessible fresh sources of real-time data.

“Traffic and transportation agencies, as well as government departments, can utilize powerful intelligent real-time aggregated data and insights from millions of connected cars to help accurately visualize traffic patterns, queuing vehicles, safety hotspots and road incidents as they happen,” said Graeme Sandieson, SVP Product Management for Wejo. “Monitoring the performance of road networks can reduce congestion, improve accident response time, and secure the mobility needs of the community.

For more information on the Wejo Real-Time Traffic Intelligence solution, visit www.wejo.com.