PUNTA GORDA, FLA. — Consulting firm Weiler Engineering Corporation was selected by the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the National Public Works “Project of the Year” for environmental projects over $75 million for the City of Marathon Sewer, Stormwater, Reclaimed Water and Road Rehabilitation project in Marathon, Fla. The award follows on the footsteps of the Florida Chapter APWA award for “Project of the Year” for the same project, as well as statewide “Consultant of the Year” for wastewater projects.

The Florida Keys and the City of Marathon are mandated by the State to install centralized sewage collection and treatment facilities by 2015 or lose valuable State and Federal funding as well as certain development rights. After working with Monroe County for years, in 2005, the City of Marathon elected to establish its own wastewater district, separating from the County. Weiler Engineering was hired to design and manage the project and, by working closely with City Staff, was able to satisfy the State mandate and trim more than $100 million from the original County and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority proposals. Because of the massive savings from the original budgets, the sewer project was expanded to include a City wide stormwater management system and overlay of the roads. The cost per resident was less than $7,000 for the collection system and new treatment facilities.

“It is an honor to be recognized among all the engineering firms and public works projects nationwide with “Project of the Year” for our work in Marathon, and we are aggressively looking to expand this proven model for success with other municipalities throughout Florida,” proclaimed Jeff Weiler, President & Founder.

The firm has already applied their award-winning combination of cost-effective professional engineering services, program and project management, innovation, and client-consultant teamwork at the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District, resulting in millions of dollars of project cost savings, grant funding, and SRF support for projects, while ensuring the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.

Weiler Engineering was established in 1993 in Port Charlotte, Fla., by Jeff Weiler and currently employs 24 people in offices in Punta Gorda, Marathon and Islamorada. For additional information, visit www.weilerengineering.org.