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Webinar Covers Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Webinar Covers Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) is often referred to as the “third pavement option,” and the factors that make it a versatile, cost-effective paving option also necessitate an understanding of the specific design and construction factors, as well as material considerations. Presented by the International Society of Concrete Pavements with support from the American Concrete Pavement Association, this two-part webinar covers:

Best practices: RCC Mixture and Structure Design, Construction, and Performance

Tim Smith, P.Eng., Director-Englobe & Director-ISCP

This presentation will focus on the construction of RCC, including details on how it is made and placed, as well as, curing, jointing and testing requirements. RCC pavement design scenarios’ will be reviewed to show why RCC should be considered as a viable pavement option.  Actual RCC job examples will also be reviewed and the reasons for RCC being selected as the pavement of choice.  Finally, some of the various RCC resource documents and websites available to help owners and pavement design engineers learn more about RCC pavements will be reviewed.

RCC Pavement Applications and Case Studies

Corey Zollinger, P.E., Director-CEMEX and Secretary-Treasurer-ISCP

This presentation will focus on various applications of RCC pavement and then review multiple case studies from recently constructed RCC pavements on low volume roads, industrial sites, urban streets, and subdivision roads.

The American Concrete Pavement Association will award a certificate of completion that may be used for company credit and/or 1.5 professional development hours (PDHs). Participants interested in earning PDH’s are responsible for determining the applicability of any training programs toward licensing requirements in their respective state/province.   This program is oriented toward jurisdictions that allow self-reporting for licensure purposes.  Participants are strongly advised to check the applicability of this training along with other reporting requirements in advance of taking this course.


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