Washington, D.C. — American Road & Transportation Builder Association (ARTBA) Chief Economist Dr. Alison Premo Black will provide her 2018 national transportation construction market forecast during a 75-minute webinar on Nov. 30 at 12 p.m. Eastern. The association’s top lobbyist, Senior Vice President of Government Relations Dave Bauer, will also discuss the timing and potential impacts of key transportation policy initiatives pending in Congress.

Among the major topics to be covered:

  • National market forecast and state transportation funding trends;
  • Modal forecast: highway, bridge, airport runway, transit, freight, rail, and ports/waterway markets;
  • Ongoing implementation of the 2015 FAST Act surface transportation law;
  • Market impacts of nearly 200 Nov. 7 state and local transportation ballot initiatives;
  • State and local transportation funding trends; and
  • Legislative Update: status of a Highway Trust Fund fix, Trump Administration infrastructure plan and tax reform.

The webinar is aimed at analysts and investors, transportation design and construction professionals, and public agency officials. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Registration via the ARTBA store (https://store.artba.org/product/2018-u-s-transportation-construction-market-forecast) is $325, or $150 for public agency officials. All paid participants will receive a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation and Q&A session, as well as the 2018 National U.S. Transportation Construction Market Forecast, a $200 value.