ALEXANDRIA, VA. — The WateReuse Association is accepting abstracts for presentations and posters at the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium to be held September 7-10, 2014, in Dallas. The 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium is the world’s premier conference devoted to sustaining water supplies through water reuse and desalination.

To be considered for a technical presentation or poster, submit an abstract by February 24, 2014. Abstracts must be 650 words or less and include the title, author(s), and up to three subject areas. Submit abstracts in the following subject areas:

• Comparing Quality: Reuse vs. Potable
• Decentralized Reuse System Optimization
• Desalination for Drought-Proof Water Supply
• Direct vs. Indirect Potable Reuse: Why vs. Why Not?
• Industrial Reuse
• Online, Real-Time Monitoring for Direct Potable Reuse
• Purity of Reuse: Clarity of Purpose (optimizing Fit-for-Purpose Reuse applications)
• Reuse & Hydrofracking
• Water Reuse: Pure, Safe & Secure
• Water Reuse Planning: Overcoming Obstacles
• Water Reuse Planning: Success Stories

Submit an abstract for a technical presentation or poster at