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WateReuse Association calls for award nominations

Alexandria, Va. — The WateReuse Association will present its 2014 WateReuse Awards during the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium, Sept. 710, 2014, in Dallas. The awards recognize projects and people across the United States and abroad that have made significant contributions to water reuse and/or desalination. The awards typically recognize projects that advance alternative sources of water supply or offer a novel approach to meeting local water needs.

New this year, video submissions are encouraged as part of supporting text or supplemental documentation. Include a promotional clip, project/agency video, iPhone montage, interview or other videos. Videos can be submitted by including a link to a website, YouTube, or by uploading them to the WateReuse FTP site at https://www.hightail.com/u/WateReuse.

Award winner descriptions, videos and photos will be uploaded to the Conference App and available for viewing throughout the conference. Video submissions for award winners will also be integrated into the Awards Presentation at the Symposium.

All members are eligible to submit nominations for the following awards:

  • WateReuse Project of the Year (minimum of 6 months in operation)

Category 1 – Large (Greater than 5.0 MGD/based on WWTP capacity)

Category 2 – Small (Less than 5.0 MGD/based on WWTP capacity)

Category 3 – Desalination Facility

  • WateReuse Industrial Project of the Year (minimum of 6 months in operation)
  • WateReuse Institution of the Year
  • WateReuse Public Education Program of the Year
  • WateReuse Person of the Year
  • WateReuse Customer of the Year
  • WateReuse International Award
  • WateReuse Equipment/Manufacturer Award