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Water Replenishment District celebrates 50 years of groundwater stewardship

LAKEWOOD, CALIF. — For half a century, California’s Water Replenishment District (District or WRD) has protected and replenished groundwater to 420 square mile basins since Nov. 7, 1959. The District was created to replenish the basins of the Los Angeles coastal plains that were at risk of catastrophic collapse, putting in peril a resource that supplies water to 43 cities in south Los Angeles County. Since the District’s inception, more than 8 million acre-feet of groundwater has been replenished into the basins.

“For half a century, WRD has been leading the way towards water self-reliance for the region. The fact that our founders envisioned this 50 years ago is a testament to our innovative planning, strong public partnerships and visionary leadership. Increasing our capture and conservation of storm water and recycled water for groundwater replenishment will prepare the District to meet an uncertain water future,” said WRD’s General Manager Robb Whitaker.

In April 2009, a historic partnership between West Basin Municipal Water District and the District was created. This agreement aims to supply 100% recycled water for seawater barrier protection at the West Coast Barrier, making the first seawater barrier system in the world entirely reliant on recycled water by 2012. The project will save 5.5 billion gallons of drinking water each year, enough to serve 136,000 people for one year.