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Vortex to Distribute IMS UV Curing System to North and South America

HOUSTON, TX –The Vortex Companies, a leading provider of advanced trenchless water and sewer technologies and infrastructure renewal services, and IMS Robotics Group, a leading manufacturer of specialized sewer rehabilitation equipment, announced that Vortex is the exclusive North and South American distributor of IMS’ mainline UV curing systems and products.

IMS’ UV curing systems offer light trains, cable drums and power sources to deliver precision curing of UV Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liners in mainline sewer pipes ranging from six inches to 72 inches in diameter. For medium and large main sewer lines, the IMS UV system includes up to 12,000 watts of curing power, a cable drum with up to 600 feet of cable range, temperature-resistant curing cable, integrated ignition system and integrated control unit to allow the curing process to be configured for each project and monitored on site.

“The addition of IMS’ UV curing systems to Vortex’s established range of trenchless infrastructure rehab options allows us to better serve our customers, providing more options to solve their repair challenges,” said Mike Vellano, CEO of The Vortex Companies. “Our agreement with IMS not only benefits the industry across the Americas but also enables us to jointly deliver high-quality products.”

The distribution agreement allows Vortex to distribute the Hurricane® Trenchless Technologie CityLight UV Curing System, one of the most powerful and long-range UV CIPP curing systems available. Designed for large interceptor sewers or projects with longer pipe segments, it offers 1,000 feet of cable length and a maximum power output of 8 X 1500 watts. Hurricane Trenchless Technologie is an IMS affiliate.

“We have the experience and resources to deliver IMS UV curing systems and seamlessly pair them with our high-quality, UV liner system launching in Q2 2022,” added Andrew Gonnella, President of the Products Division, the Vortex Companies. “We are focused on the UV market – now, more than ever – and believe this new distribution approach is core to our growth strategy.”

“We are excited to announce this partnership to the market today,” said Thomas Lengger, International Sales Manager, and Konstantin Wolf, Head of Sales, at the IMS Robotics Group in a joint statement. “We’ve been looking for the right partner to take our UV curing system to the Americas, and Vortex offered a significant market footprint and strong customer support.”