VLK and Sherman ISD Celebrate Opening of Sherman HS


Sherman, Texas – On August 26, VLK Architects attended a grand opening ceremony commemorating the new Sherman High School. This new building is 500,000 SF, holds a capacity of 2,600 9-12th grade students, and is a part of the November 2017 bond.

“VLK Architects delivered a first-class, state-of-the-art high school in Sherman ISD. Their intentional design reflects our priorities of learning through collaboration, honoring community history and school traditions, expanding our academic, arts, athletics, and technical programs, and creating classroom spaces where learning and achievement are of primary importance and highly visible to everyone who comes to the school,” said Dr. David Hicks, Superintendent of Sherman ISD.

Nicknamed a “super school,” this building is the district’s only comprehensive high school. It features an extensive array of career and technology shops and labs, a grand entrance and walkway, natural lighting inside the building, a pride walk, outdoor learning areas, an expansive courtyard, and career and technical education spaces. This new campus, designed by VLK Architects alongside the Sherman community through VLK | LAUNCH®, provides endless opportunities for students, room for the growing enrollment, and numerous safety and security improvements.

“Five years ago, the community of Sherman had the vision to provide exceptional educational opportunities for their kids. Over these last five years, this community has shown amazing dedication, passion, and work ethic to make that dream a reality. It has been our honor to work with Sherman, and we are proud of what we have achieved together. This project has truly been transformational, and it is a great day seeing students learning, growing, and thriving in the new Sherman High School,” said Clinton Schiver, Principal of VLK Architects.

To learn more about the Sherman ISD new Sherman High School, click here: https://www.shermanisd.net/Page/7348.