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  • The partnership with Alaska’s leading resource for vocational training will help drive the transition to a safer, more efficient lifting environment.
  • Practical training in the use of the Vita Load Navigator and other construction courses will be offered in Alaska and Colorado.

Vita Industrial has announced a Strategic Business Combination with NIT Alaska, furthering its mission of becoming a leading provider of technology, servicing, and training for the lifting industry.

As the state’s leading resource for vocational training, NIT Alaska’s strong focus on the construction industry will aid Vita in promoting the effective use of its lifting system as a key means of preventing injuries and saving lives on jobsites, in addition to providing means to upskill and reskill operators through education and training services.

“We are proud to pair our training services with such a forward-thinking company,” said Joey Crum, CEO, NIT Alaska. “Vita Industrial’s ambition of eliminating taglines to create a safer lifting environment will require an emphasis on training and re-education. We look forward to expanding our training services to meet their mission.”

Vita’s vision with this Strategic Business Combination is focused on three main phases: online training and certification, live training and certification, and the development of new training and additional continuing education courses for the industry. Online courses will cover practical rigging, signaling, data record management, and OSHA certifications. Live and in-person Rigger and Crane certification training will be offered from Alaska and a crane yard close to Vita’s headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. Future class offerings will focus on emerging technologies, including telematics, IoT, predictive maintenance, and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Recertifications will be Vita-controlled, with current and future customers associating the Vita name with education in addition to innovation.

“Our mission is to be recognized as a comprehensive lifting partner. Providing the finest instruction from one of the most respected training locations in the country is another big step towards that goal,” added Caleb Carr, Chairman and CEO of Vita Inclinata. “This combination will enable Vita to train the future of crane operators and riggers within the United States.”

With this Strategic Business Combination, Vita Industrial is now spearheading the industrial modernization of the lifting industry, providing a complete construction training program to previous, current, and future customers. As the crane industry continues to grow and put new technologies to use, Vita is committed to providing crane operators with the proper training to match new capabilities, retain their workforce, and achieve operational excellence.

Course pre-registration began October 1st, 2022. Apply here.