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View Smart Windows Selected for Healthpeak’s Third Large-Scale Life Sciences Development in San Diego

View Smart Windows Selected for Healthpeak’s Third Large-Scale Life Sciences Development in San Diego

Sorrento Gateway is the latest large-scale project in San Diego with View Smart Windows, following installations at Callan Ridge and The Boardwalk

SAN DIEGO and MILPITAS, Calif. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — View, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW) (“View”), the leader in smart building technologies, announced its Smart Windows will be installed at Sorrento Gateway, a five-story, 163,000-square-foot life science building under development by Healthpeak Properties, Inc. (“Healthpeak”) in conjunction with Project Management Advisors, Inc. (“PMA”), Healthpeak’s representative responsible for providing project management services.

Located in San Diego’s Sorrento Mesa submarket, the Delawie-designed Class-A building was inspired by the striated layers of nearby beach cliffs. View Smart Windows will be installed throughout Sorrento Gateway, providing access to natural light and views of the surrounding hills and canyons and resulting in a healthier and more productive environment for scientists working on innovative treatments for Covid-19, cancer, pain control, and autoimmune diseases.

Sorrento Gateway is Healthpeak and PMA’s third life science development to feature View Smart Windows, following the campus-wide installation at the Boardwalk, a Class-A lab and creative office, and upcoming installation at Callan Ridge, a two-building research campus in Torrey Pines.

“We are proud to once again partner with Healthpeak and excited about the industry-leading design and attention to detail that is evident throughout Sorrento Gateway,” said Melissa Plaskonos, Vice President of PMA. “As demand for innovative therapies grows, there is renewed focus on the spaces where the research happens. View Smart Windows deliver a cutting-edge product to meet the environmental, health, and aesthetic standards required to attract and inspire leading life science tenants.”

View Smart Windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust in response to the sun, maximizing natural light and outdoor views while optimizing building occupant comfort. View Smart Windows have been shown to generate significant health benefits for building occupants. In a recent study, employees working next to View Smart Windows experienced half as many headaches, slept 37 minutes longer each night, and performed 42% better on cognitive tests.

By eliminating the need for blinds, View Smart Windows also help to sterilize workspaces, an especially valuable benefit in life science buildings, where clean work environments and alert, healthy scientists are critical to success. Blinds act as a reservoir for dust and germs that can contaminate sensitive materials and block shorter wavelength sunlight that disinfects surfaces. View Smart Windows eliminate these concerns, while also providing privacy to protect intellectual property and enabling a wider variety of workspace configurations, including those with workstations directly in front of the windows.

“View Smart Windows are designed to transform the occupant experience in ways that measurably improve health and productivity,” said Sri Venkat, Vice President of View. “Our deepening partnership with Healthpeak and PMA is setting the standard for life science developments in San Diego and beyond.”

Sorrento Gateway is expected to be occupied by Q2 2023.