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Vicaima launches campaign to present the new “Vicaima Infinity” brand

Vicaima launches campaign to present the new “Vicaima Infinity” brand

“What’s behind Vicaima?” serves as the motto of the advertising campaign for the launch and presentation of Vicaima Infinity, the new brand for professionals working in the world of architecture and interior design. In a release targeted at the national and international markets, by means of television and digital communication channels, the company portrays its key features in a visually appealing offer in an energetic note.

Creativity, design and sophistication, and also technology, innovation and detail are the aspects that make up the driving force of the campaign, as they reflect the essence of Vicaima. Aimed at the most diverse sectors, including hotels, housing, healthcare, offices or commercial spaces, the Vicaima Infinity concept is characterised as one which enables “infinite possibilities” and inspires the “expansion of horizons” in any project. These are values echoed in the advertising spot produced, which can be discovered by the Portuguese public on the main national channels beginning on 26th September.

Taking a stone as the visual element which accompanies the whole story, imbued in a fluid immersion with Nature’s subtleness and details, this object is representative of a brand whose concept is based on the effective transposition of futuristic and creative ideas into real and efficient applications.

Starting from the creative process on paper through to production employing innovative and advanced methods, the campaign covers a journey demonstrating the creation of customised and unique designs on different surfaces and textures. Featuring designs and patterns in wood, metal or stone, Vicaima Infinity boasts finished options ranging from matt, to satin and high gloss.

As one of the major European players in the design and production of avant-garde solutions for interior doors, technical doors, frames, wardrobespanels and furniture items, Vicaima is committed to pursuing campaigns which reinforce its clear role as a contributor to the development of high quality and modern solutions. This strategy is reflected in the company’s extensive global presence in reference projects.