ORLANDO, FLA. — The International Downtown Association presented a VHB project with the 2013 IDA Downtown Achievement Merit Award for its Boynton Harbor Marina Redevelopment Project Public Space. The award recognizes outstanding revitalization projects which are judged by their innovation, sustainability, execution and outcomes.

VHB created the redevelopment master plan for the Boynton Harbor Marina and worked in partnership with Boynton Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (BBCRA) to study the working marina itself along with its relationship to the adjacent business and residential uses to produce a more holistic redevelopment approach when dealing with an already vibrant but congested area. The goal was the preservation and revitalization of the “working waterfront” and insuring public access to the Boynton Harbor Marina waterfront.

Both conceptual level engineering and the strategic blend of the future land and transportation uses of the marina were included as key components of the project. Part of this analysis involved vehicle, boat, and pedestrian circulation; building massing; utilities and stormwater infrastructure; bus/mass transit routes; building spatial arrangements and functions; open space and buffering opportunities; and surface and structure parking. Following an extensive public involvement process that included 3D visualization modeling and backed by real market analysis findings, a redevelopment master plan was presented and agreed to that addressed important public viewpoints and future needs.

The Boynton Harbor Marina is the eastern anchor to Boynton Beach’s downtown core and the continued marine activity provides added economic benefit to the two long standing waterfront restaurants and retail businesses within the marina area. The Boynton Harbor Marina is one of the few publicly owned commercial marinas left in Florida, with 19, water-activity related businesses and thriving waterfront restaurants.