Richmond, Va. — The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) launched “SmarterRoads” (, a cloud-based data portal initiative that provides free, widespread access to a wealth of VDOT information to anyone interested in creating value-added transportation applications and products for end users. SmarterRoads provides direct access to roadway and transportation information – beyond currently available VDOT traffic operations data – in one portal site.

Through the creation of the SmarterRoads portal, VDOT is accelerating Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) technology development in Virginia by sharing transportation data with third-party sector business, application developers and university partners.

Once users accept the SmarterRoads usage agreement, they can create an account and subscribe to as many as 22 different data sets. While SmarterRoads will undergo phased enhancement roll outs, initial data sets include traffic volumes, speed limits, travel advisories, lane closures, crashes, truck restrictions, traffic sensors, incidents, sign messages and locations, paving schedules, short- and long-term weather events, Six-Year Improvement Plan major road construction, and Signal Phase and Timing data. Anticipated audiences include app and software developers, the CAV industry, the auto industry, Original Equipment Manufacturers, universities and researchers, other departments of transportation and federal, state and local agencies.

Feedback can be submitted through the SmarterRoads portal. VDOT will continue to simplify the process to add new users and expand data offerings to meet development needs.

“The SmarterRoads initiative supports Governor McAuliffe’s goal of optimizing opportunities for innovative collaboration and investment in Virginia’s transportation system,” said VDOT Commissioner Charles Kilpatrick. “VDOT recognizes the expertise of private sector technology firms to help us improve our transportation network and capabilities. SmarterRoads is another example of the agency’s commitment to innovation, sound stewardship of public dollars and providing taxpayers with the highest quality of customer service.”

“Our goal is to maximize the availability and transparency of transportation data through this open portal,” said VDOT Chief of Innovation Rob Cary. “By encouraging auto and equipment manufacturers, application and business development, we will unleash information for the private sector to provide new and enhanced services. This innovative use of transportation information will improve safety, enhance our transportation network, enhance customer service and improve our quality of life in Virginia.”

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